I find it interesting that Sen. Susan Collins decries the practice of separating children from their parents as these families flee horrors in their homelands and struggle to find a new life here.

Collins is responsible for this program. She voted Jeff Sessions into the job as attorney general. She testified at Sessions’ confirmation hearing. She testified how he was her friend; how they had shared dinners. She knew him well. He was a good and fair man. She testified that he had been falsely accused of hate. Yet, he was denied a federal judgeship because of his racist reputation.

Ultimately, Collins sullied her own reputation by voting him into office.

Sessions introduced a policy of “zero tolerance.” The parents who bring their children across U.S. borders seeking a new life are jailed. Their children go to detention camps, which seem little better than jails.

Sessions cites the Bible, saying that every law must be enforced. It seems he is running the Department of Law rather than the Department of Justice.

Another “big lie” was introduced by President Trump — this is all supposed to be the fault of Democrats.

Sen. Collins should own up. She helped create the problem. She foisted a black-hearted curmudgeon on the people. It is time to say, “I was wrong.”

Years ago, a courageous Republican from Maine, Margaret Chase Smith, spoke up when hate and lies led to injustice. It is time for Collins to develop some backbone and stand up and speak the truth.

Frank Kieliszek, Norway

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