I was astonished by Mary Jane Newell’s letter (July 19) suggesting that liberals are unpatriotic for their criticism of Donald Trump. In the same letter she claims to believe Vladimir Putin when he says he did not interfere with our 2016 election. This, in itself, is the opposite of patriotism.

Anyone with a modicum of information about world history knows that Vladimir Putin is both a criminal and a ruthless, corrupt dictator.

Does Newell remember what happened in World War II? The democracies of the world united together to stand against fascism and over 400,000 brave Americans lost their lives doing so. How would these real patriots feel as Trump and his band of cronies attempt to dismantle the network of democracies created by the Marshall Plan in 1948?

Also, a question to anyone who is naive enough to think that the Russia investigation is a farce invented by liberals to take down Trump — how is it that there have been 35 indictments and plea deals so far?

It has also been proven that two people in Trump’s former campaign lied to the FBI about their contacts with the Russians.

The hypocrisy of Republicans would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous to this country.

Finally, it seems like every day one of Trump’s handlers has to explain what he “meant to say.” He is the leader of the United States; if he is unable to clearly communicate, it is only one more reason demonstrating how truly unfit he is for the job.

Eric Rohrbach, New Gloucester

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