To the Editor:

Facts matter. All of the facts, not just some. I was astonished to read the editorial you published on August 2, 2018, in favor of wind development in Greenwood. It’s fine that you are in favor of wind development, we are all entitled to our own opinions. 

However, the idea that those opposed to wind development are “wringing its hands and crying foul,” whining about property values and scenic views completely ignores the true issues presented by the development of wind turbines in a populated area.

Is it really your position that all green energy is good energy? Don’t we have a responsibility to determine how a proposed installation would impact the human population and consider alternatives?

Solar energy is an excellent example of a technology which responsibly produces green energy but does not impact the health of local residents. Also, technology has now developed which allows much smaller wind turbines to cost effectively generate energy without harming local residents.

Your editorial completely ignored the tremendous amount of data, both scientific and anecdotal, which points to the ill effects wind turbines have on those living within a few miles of the turbines.

Is it the position of your newspaper that the economic and ecological benefits of wind turbines should be considered over the health of the local population?

We should all be seeking ways to live a greener life and I assure you, the vast majority of those of us opposed to wind turbine development in Greenwood are great supporters of the environment.

But our support is based on seeing all sides of the argument, not following like a lemming to the green horizon.

Tom Rose