Glacial melt; rising seas; flooding; heat waves; desertification; forest fires; drought; human and animal death; species extinction; toxic air and water.

The crisis is now, and action is overdue. The American people have seen their country stolen for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. One company, Apple, is now worth over a trillion dollars, along with fantastic power and worldwide influence.

The world is now facing an immediate climate crisis. The time has come for overcoming it with a massive, relentless and successful response.

The use of fossil fuels has disrupted earth’s complex system for natural climate regulation. The elegant balance of weather has changed. In many places on earth, levels of heat have become toxic with death rates accelerating.

Modest change by 2025 is not acceptable. Increasing the use of fossil fuels is not acceptable. A government in service to industry is not acceptable. A selfish preoccupation with making money is not acceptable. An election cycle preoccupied with bashing Trump and jobs, jobs, jobs to the exclusion of climate change is not acceptable.

Dedication to the most rapid reduction of carbon possible, to the cleanest technology, to an informed public consumed with creating governments that work for everyone – this is the beginning of a salvageable world.

Issues of immigration, the economy, the erosion of American values need urgent attention. Climate change needs immediate attention. Public demand — massive, persistent and unyielding – is required, starting now.

Hubert Kauffman, Oxford

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