Central Maine Healthcare president and CEO Jeff Brickman is allowing Bridgton/Rumford Hospitals to die on the vine. Why?

I was lucky to have been employed, placed in the heart of that group. I saw the beat, the best team put in a caring environment; medical staff, nursing staff, every staff member worked as one providing the best for the patients served and community in which they lived.

Years passed and my position passed to others who had the same feeling — pride, honor in work diligently performed. It’s the same today, with the exception of more services offered to this community

What happened?

CMH got a new CEO; the heartbeat took a hit. Emphasis changed from patient to bottom line. Two community hospitals were doing great; mother hospital was less efficient financially so Bridgton/Rumford were cut. David Frum was assigned to run both hospitals — a challenge he succeeded in doing for more than eight years, earning the respect and trust of his medical staff.

How did a vote of no confidence for Brickman from three facilities not send the right message?

Now Frum has left. How much more will it take to get the board to listen? What happens once they lose more of the medical staff?

Bridgton Hospital is the best — the heart of this community. Residents want to keep Bridgton Hospital up and running with good doctors caring about their patients.

This a rural community. The hospital works well because of the teams’ dedication to their patients and community.

Norma Vienneau, Sebago

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