I am weary thinking about the demise of American democracy. Voting President Trump and his Republican cronies out of office is a necessary first step to correct the problem.

The system is rigged, and the corruption is endemic. The swamp got murkier because Trump appointees know that there will be no opposition or ramifications to their malfeasance. Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Steven Mnuchin, Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Wilbur Ross — opportunists all.

I’m disgusted.

Republicans are too fearful to stand up to a dictatorial president; too fearful for their careers to defend the importance of the nation’s laws. So now they pander to the 35 percent of citizens who don’t pick up a newspaper or watch any TV except Sean Hannity or Alex Jones.

I will vote for a moral, honest, decent, transparent lawmaker; someone who will say this “emperor has no clothes.”

The world is complex and Trump is a simpleton. Where are lawmakers who will say enough of Trumps’ bizarro world spewing?

I have Robert Mueller’s next assignment in mind: investigate the tax returns and the legal entanglements of every member in the House of Representatives and the Senate, including their associations with the business entities that they have influence over, and who hold influence over them.

And now I hear that the dark money that special interest groups insert into the political process will be kept anonymous. So now the general public won’t even know who the puppet masters are? That is outrageous.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn

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