The Sun Journal article on the forum held to discuss Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect Project (Aug. 23) did a decent job of presenting information both favoring and opposing this project. Unfortunately, the headline presented a biased picture and may well mislead those who did not read the entire article.

Other potential headlines could have been: CMP power line project to benefit Lewiston; Lewiston to receive $5 million in annual tax revenue from CMP project; CMP project to create jobs during construction; CMP project to lower cost of electricity; CMP project to be fully paid for by Massachusetts residents; or CMP clean energy project to reduce greenhouse emissions. Or, perhaps, an even-handed, “Proponents and opponents discuss CMP power line project.”

The Lewiston City Council has voted unanimously to support the project and I urge all Lewiston residents to look beyond the headlines and seek out complete information about a project that will provide significant benefits to Lewiston taxpayers and ratepayers. Residents’ future property tax and utility bills will be impacted positively by this project.

Shane Bouchard, mayor of Lewiston

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