Farmington Wastewater Department employee Joe Hartigan, left, sweeps up cold patch asphalt while employee Ethan Tracy tamps down material around the edge of a manhole cover Monday on Quebec Street in Farmington. The added material will prevent plow trucks from catching the lip around cover this winter. (Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal)


Farmington Wastewater Department employee Ethan Tracy, left, tamps down cold patch asphalt around the lip a manhole cover Monday on Quebec Street in Farmington while employee Joe Hartigan sweeps up the extra material. (Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal)

Joe Hartigan, left, and Ethan Tracy, of the Farmington Wastewater Department  add cold patch asphalt around a manhole cover on Quebec Street on Monday in Farmington to prevent plows from catching the lip it this winter. (Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal)