The Maine Public Utilities Commission issued the following safety tips for residents who use natural gas or propane:

If you are indoors and smell gas, you should:

• Leave the structure immediately and make sure that all other occupants do the same.

• Don’t turn on or off any electrical equipment or light switches, or do anything else that could create a spark or flame.

• Once safely outside the structure, call 911 and the natural gas or propane supplier. If you do not know the natural gas or propane supplier, simply call 911.

• Stay outside until you have been authorized to return by the fire department or natural gas or propane supplier.


If you are outdoors and smell gas:

• Leave the area immediately.

• Call 911 and the natural gas or propane supplier once you are a safe distance away, or call 911 if you don’t know the natural gas or propane supplier.

If you have natural gas or propane appliances in your home or business:

• Make sure air intakes and exhaust vents are clear of obstructions and that any gas meters, pressure regulators and piping are clear of obstructions.

• Make sure your home heating equipment is inspected annually by a licensed technician for both safety and efficiency reasons. All gas and oil heating system installations and servicing must be conducted by licensed technicians.

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