I would like to suggest to leadership of the U.S. Senate that they find a new way to vet and approve nominations for government positions. The current system brings out the worst in everyone.

If appointments were made to a pool of candidates long before a position was vacant and anyone wishing some observation to be heard had a period of time to voice their concern (maybe six months, but after which no further input), maybe there would be less conflict.

The current system exposes a context that most people have endorsed, endured or simply denied for years on end — male domination. It is only now that some people are saying that is a bad idea. But the residual of holding that value will keep rearing its ugly head. Males are expected to be dominant so nobody should not be surprised when they are.

Social values take a long time to change, and people are in the midst of a tough one. Through history, there have been times when women were treated more equally, maybe even honored. Then human culture changed the rules and gave more power to men. Although that probably served some purpose, it is time to find structures that help people change again.

Perhaps a pool of partially vetted candidates is one of those structures.

James Tierney, Auburn

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