Why are the Democrats so concerned with Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking, but hardly mention Christine Blasey Ford’s drinking the day or night in question? She admitted that she had a beer. Who knows how many she really had. And, at 15 years old, even one beer might give a person that age enough of a buzz so that it is possible she misidentified her assailant. She stated she was 100 percent sure it was Kavanaugh. I have my doubts. She can’t recall where she was, how she got there, or how she got home.

Is there no more decency with the Democrats? To crucify a good person simply to stick together as a liberal group is unconscionable. How desperate are they to dissect Kavanaugh’s high school year book? As a high school student, he isn’t the person he became as an adult. None of us are.

By the way, the delay tactic that Ford didn’t come forward before because of a fear of flying is a lie. It seems that Ford’s fear of flying applied only to getting to the hearing. She actually flies frequently for pleasure.

I believe the Democrats are using Ford for their own political gain, which is despicable. That makes her as much a victim as Kavanaugh.

Joan Villani, Lewiston

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