There sat Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sipping Coke and coffee — really calm. And there was Brett Kavanaugh, drinking a gallon of water and visibly shaken. Who is telling the truth?

Does it really matter? The executive and legislative branches are in such disarray I doubt that they will ever get anything accomplished. And will the judicial branch survive the debacle?

Politics and the political parties are in jeopardy of causing chaos throughout this divided country.

Because of the 1st Amendment, people are deluged by half-truths and lies by the people running for office. Freedom of speech, press and media, over too long a period, has caused many people, myself included, to not read the newspaper about political candidates.

Thank God, my remote has fast forward and mute.

Wouldn’t it be nice if candidates were limited to just two weeks of campaigning before the elections?

I suppose that is too reasonable.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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