TD Bank NA, Portland, to Barry and Jolene Maynard, Lincoln, property at 61 Fifth Street, $27,000.

Daniel Crosby, Old Town, to Adam Woodrow and Rachel Kelly, Orrington, property at 79 Kirkland Road, $135,000.

The Hannon Limited Partnership, Old Town, to The Hannon Limited Partnership, Old Town, property at 613 Stillwater Avenue.

Heineman Properties Inc., Hudson, to John and Phyllis Heineman, Hudson, property at 22 Wood Street.

Donald and Tesa Aube, Hebron, to Adam Hatch and Cassandra Blockburger, Milford, property at 47 Sargent Drive, $154,900.

City of Old Town, to Luann Clark, Old Town, property at 14 Howard Street.


John and Phyllis Heineman, Hudson, to Heineman Properties Inc., Hudson, property at 96 Bosworth Street.

Deutsche Bank, West Palm beach, FL, to CR 2018 LLC, White Plains, NY, property at 13 Jefferson Street, $24,200.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor, to Renee Byers, Old Town, property at 62 7th Street, $122,000.

Benjamin Freese, Old Town, to Kristen Freeman, Orono, property at 80 Gilman Falls Avenue, $80,000.

Barbara Maloney and Keith Turner, West Lebanon, NH, to Jeffrey Burgess, Brewer, property at 202 Center Street, $116,500.

Jeffrey Feero, Glenburn, to Theron Donovan, Veazie, property at 2378 Bennoch Road, $74,000.


Alan Brownewell and Jodie Feero, Old Town, to Michael Morse and Desiree Hesseltine, Old Town, property at 270 Stillwater Avenue, $115,500.

Mary and Philip Carrigan, Dover, MA, to Charlotte and Bryan Quigley, Old Town, property at 22 Franklin Street.

Penny and Jonathan Fountaine, Belfast, to 646 Main Street Properties LLC, Belfast, property at 646 Main Street.

Victoria Purdum and Lori Wingo, Old Town, to Makayla O’Connor, Old Town, property at 25 Bachelder Road, $185,000.

Charles Buck, Gaithersburg, MD, to Mark Buck, Orono, property on Bennoch Road, $44,250.

Robert Buck, Prospect Park, PA, to Mark Buck, Orono, property at 19 Bennoch Road, $44,250.


Christopher and Crisanne Blackie, Old Town, to Keith and Allison Kanotti, Old Town, property at 16 Sewall Drive, $120,000.

Tanawan and Robert Baron, Old Town, to Amy and Robert Baron, Old Town, property at 648 Bennoch Road.

Robert Leighton, Milford, to Sargent Property Management LLC, West Enfield, property at 274 Main Street, $160,000.

Esther Lebretton, Bangor, to Robert Lebretton and Margaret Watters, Durham, property at 1235 Main Street.

Robert Lebretton and Margaret Watters, Durham, to Emily Chavis, Old Town, property at 1235 Main Street, $109,000.

EXR LLC, Spring Valley, NY, to Nathaniel Seekins, Bangor, property at 16 Congress Street, $40,000.


William Hartt, Carmel, to John and Kathy Stafford, Winthrop, property at 719 Stillwater Avenue, $139,500.

Brandon and Diana McNaughton, Carmel, to Michael Potiska and Michelle Kocurek, Brewer, property at 846 Stillwater Avenue, $110,000.

Bank of America NA, Anaheim, CA, to Bank of America NA, Anaheim, CA, property at 59 Front Street, $18,760.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, Columbus, OH, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 40 Wood Street, $58,690.

Deutsche bank, West Palm Beach, FL, to EXR LLC, Spring Valley, NY, property at 15 Congress Street, $22,000.

City of Old Town, to Habitat for Humanity, Bangor, property at 449 Bennoch Road.


Elizabeth Spaulding, Clifton, to Katelyn Eaton, Deer Isle, property at 29 Fifth Street, $100,000.

Timothy and Michelle Michaud, Old Town, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, DBA Christiana Trust, as Trustee, property at 52 Lincoln Street.

Maine Savings Federal Credit Union, Hampden, to Maine Savings Federal Credit Union, Hampden, property at 436 Fourth Street, $50,000.

Danielle and Michael Haggery, Bangor, to Rachel Kerner and John Furniss, Old Town, property at 881 Poplar Street, $235,000.

Michael and Judith Noonan, Old Town, to Joshua and Erin Vose, Milford, property at 404 Kirkland Road, $300,000.

Cheryl McNerney, Personal Representative of the Estate of Thomas Brown, to Walter Thurston Jr., Old Town, property at 33 Front Street.


USAA Federal Savings Bank, Coppell, TX, to Karen and Robert Fintonis, Framingham, MA, property at 459 Bennoch Road, $80,000.

Elaine LaFrance, Milford, to Maela Proulx-Curry and Robert Curry, Old Town, property at 82 Wilson Street, $139,000.

Brenda Jackson, Old Town, to Yifeng Zhu and Kaishuang Li, Old Town, property at 625 Kirland Avenue, $282,500.

Manaker Properties LLC, Orono, to Kristen Cox and Rory McLaughlin, Old Town, property at 16 Spring Street, $120,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Frederick, MD, to Casper Holdings LLC, Orono, property at 72 Oak Street, $74,436.

Machias Savings Bank, Machias, to Level 4 LLC, Bangor, property at 255 Main Street, $185,000.

Linnehan Acceptance, Ellsworth, to Kevin Osnoe, Old Town, property at 351 Stillwater Avenue, $119,900.

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