Irene Peterson, Orono, to Lacey Smith and Ryan Smart, Orono, property at 2535 Essex Street, $111,200.

US Bank of Trust, NA, as trustee for LSF9 Master participation Trust, Oklahoma City, OK, to US Bank of Trust, NA, as trustee for LSF9 Master participation Trust, Oklahoma City, OK, property at 2360 Essex Street, $248,188.

Lori Austin and David Stevens, Orono, to Brian and Megan Schneider, Bangor, property at 2453 Essex Street, $300,000.

KVH, LLC, Falmouth, to Benell LLC, Surry, property at 5 Colburn Drive Unit 8, $120,000.

Kimberly and Barbara Miner, Orono, to Samuel M. and Samuel S. Miner, Hampden, property at 6 Water Street, $229,000.

Deborah and Raymond Hills Jr., Orono, to Kelly and Anna Moran, Davie, FL, property at 133 Gould Road, $135,000.


Seth Bullens and Amy Gieseke, Indianola, IO, to David Sandilands and Nicole Smith Sandilands, Enfield, property at 61 Hillside Road, $195,000.

Carolyn Eaton, Orono, to Matthew Zeman and Tyler Dubois, Orono, property at 50 Pine Street, $127,400.

Chester and Pauline Rock, Orono, to Peter and Sarah Howorth, Orono, property at 2 Riverdale Drive, $380,000.

Edward and Sharon Ashworth, Orono, to Carolyn Lee, Orono, property at 16 Crestview Drive, $390.000.

Phyllis Brazee, Orono, to Emily Albee, Orono, property at 21 Mountainview drive, $170,000.

Roberta and Barbara Rosenthal, Orono, to Joshua and Jill Vaughn, Orono, property at 96 Winterhaven Drive, $386,000.


Michelle Sherbak, Orono, to Mark and Joanne Relford, Brewer, property at 147 Bennoch Road, $118,000.

Estate of Evangeline Porter, Eddington, to Leah and Christine Hakkola, Orono, property at 28 Westwood Drive, $170,000.

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta Inc., Lexington, KY, to 1848 Properties, Lexington, KY, property at 79 College Avenue.

Sufani Al Khunaizi, Orono, to Big Bear Properties LLC, Orono, property at 34 Middle Street, 4 Gilbert Street, 46 Island Avenue, 100 Main street, and 27 Margin Street.

Town of Orono, to Orono Land Trust Inc., property off Taylor Road.

Mogan Bridges Bangor, to Bridges Properties LLC, Bangor, property at 3 Colburn Drive #3, $80,000.


Jeremy and Michelle Smith, Orono, to Joseph and Franziska Peterson, Orono, property at 9 Frost Lane, $215,000.

Steven Holt and Nancy Forster-Holt, Orono, to Penny Rhenigans and Terry Yoo, Orono, property at 134 Main Street. $270,000.

Merlin and Lori Francis, Orono, to Burley and Meredith Higgins, Orono, property at 8 old Kelley Avenue, $305,000.

Alan Gray, personal representative of the estate of Wesley Francis Gray, Old Town, to Alan Gray, Old Town, property at 33 Mainewood Avenue, $83,000.

Amber Murphy, Clifton, to Shawn Landry and Mallory Kovac, Orono, property at 14 Mainewood Avenue, $158,000.

James McCormack, Bangor, to Ryan Floyd, Orono, property at 672 Forest Avenue, $99,500.


Susanne and Peter Reid, Orono, to Noble House 56, LLC, Bangor, property at 11 Sunrise Terrace, $130,000.

Estate of Barbara Dall, Orono, to Joanne MacKinnon, Orono, property at 120 Bennoch Road, $160,000.

Bonneva Stevens and Esther Martin, Charleston, to Edgar Sinibaldi, Phippsburg, property at 27 Water Street, $57,000.

John and Terrie Hennessey, Newport, to Norman and Marie Messier, Coventry, RI, property at 45 Park Street, $134,000.

Stephen and Karen Joynt, Wasilla, AR, to Angela and Giles Timms, Orono, property at 22 Mainewood Avenue, $158,800.

John and Rachel Dobbs, Bangor, to Caroline Holinagel, Orono, property at 169 main Street, $360,000.

Robert and Diane Batley, Rockland, to Robson Machado, Orono, property at 10 Glenwood Street, $108,700.

Ralph and Roberta Robichaud, Orono, to College Park LLC, Orono, property at 148/150 Park Street, $60,000.

Aitbala Sargent, Orono, to Alyssa and David Vitale, Orono, property at 345 Main Road, $267,500.

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