I am supporting the citizens’ initiative on universal home care in November, and I hope the voters of Maine will join me in voting Yes on Question 1.

I think it makes common sense to make sure that elders, veterans and disabled folks can stay in their homes. No one wants to live in a dismal, sterile medical facility, I know I don’t. I am a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I am glad to have served my country for six years. Now I have been struggling with chronic pain for seven years. I have chronic back and neck pain due to years of wear and tear on my body, I had hard physical jobs all my life.

I own my own home, and I want to stay here as long as I can, but I know some day that I will need some help. I don’t have any children or family close by, so taking care of everything at the house is on me. The universal home care initiative would ensure that seniors and disabled veterans such as myself would have that chance — to age at home, with dignity.

People shouldn’t be fooled by the attacks on Question 1. Nursing home and hospital lobbies are moneyed and large. Opponents of Question 1 are trying to protect their own interests — keeping every bed in their facilitates filled for the sake of their profit line.

I think it is time to put Maine senior citizens and veterans first, not profit.

Peter Vondell, Auburn

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