I believe that Question 1, the home care initiative, would be great for elderly people like myself. There are things I could certainly use help with — groceries, cooking, cleaning — everything is getting harder.

When I had a surgery and was recovering, some people tried to get me to go to a nursing home and I said “no way.” I had some home care workers who came to my apartment. Those people helped me around the house to make sure I didn’t fall.

I have a lot of health problems — my knees are bad. I am really active and independent, but I have a lot of pain and stiffness.

Sooner than later I am going to need knee surgery, too.

As I get older, I realize that I will need more help. I don’t have a vehicle and groceries are really difficult. I often have to take the bus, and it is difficult to get back and forth from the station, particularly in the winter months. It takes hours to match up with the bus routes. I have to plan for a couple extra hours for travel time, just to get milk and my medicine.

The universal home care initiative would change my life. It would give me my dignity and independence for my last years on this planet.

I want to stay in my home as long as I can, and we all need a little help.

I hope the voters will join me in voting Yes on 1 in November.

Nancy Gallant, Lewiston

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