DEAR SUN SPOTS: I really enjoyed the story in the Sun Journal on Oct. 28 about Roselle Coury. I worked with her at WCOU from 1967 to 1970. She and I didn’t encounter each other too often, but my recollection of her was that she was this dynamo who, yes, often rushed in at the last minute with armfuls of stuff for her show.

She was always right on top of her game when the red light turned on though, brimming with energy, as sort of a force of nature, with personality galore. My strongest recollection is that she was awfully nice and sweet. She complimented me on my on-air work when she first introduced herself to me, which was wonderful.

I knew she had been a fixture at the station for years and years, but I didn’t know half the things revealed about her in the article, so I read it with great interest. It’s nice to see such a major piece done about WCOU. I have read the Sun Journal online for a very long time and almost never have I seen that long-gone radio station mentioned in any stories about Lewiston-Auburn’s earlier days.

I have been wondering if there’s anyone left who even remembers the station. I think the last mention of it in the SJ, a few years ago, was that someone was constructing apartments in an old building at 223 Lisbon St. “that formerly housed a radio station.” I want to thank those involved for the memories stirred by this article.

— No name, no town

ANSWER: It’s wonderful to hear these memories of Roselle Coury and WCOU. I encourage readers to continue to share their stories in Sun Spots!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I received a package from Amazon which I did not order. My co-worker has now also received three packages from Amazon which she has also not ordered. Is this some type of scam? I don’t want to start reshipping these packages. I opened it as I did have an order I was waiting for. As soon as I receive my orders, should I just write “Return” on the package and not open it? Has this been happening to others?

— Cecile, no town

ANSWER: You didn’t say what was in the package that you opened but I doubt it’s a scam. If the item in the package is something you’ve received in the past, you may have inadvertently “subscribed” to the item and it will keep coming until you unsubscribe. For example, vitamin supplements and other supplies customers use on a daily basis can be subscribed to and arrive in your mail box on a regular schedule.

Of course, if you don’t open the package, you can write, “Return to sender. Did not order” and return it to the post office. If you do open the package to inspect it, and it’s an item you didn’t order and want to return, you can go to “Orders” in your online account to fill out a form and print out a postage-paid mailing label.

In my opinion, Amazon has an excellent customer service department and will do everything they can to help you. That number is 1-888- 280-4331. They have never disappointed me. I hope this helps!

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