100 years ago: 1918
Armistice terms to be offered Germany have been agreed upon unanimously and signed by representatives of the Allies and the United States in France. If accepted they mean surrender and immediate end of the war; leaving final peace terms to the dictation of the victors. Secretary Lansing made this statement: “According to an official report received this evening the terms of the armistice to be offered to Germany have just been agreed to unanimously and signed by representatives of the Allies and the United States in Paris. The report further states that diplomatic unity has been completely achieved under conditions of utmost harmony.” It is understood the terms are to be submitted to Germany immediately and that their publication in full will follow shortly. There has been no official explanation of the method determined upon of acquainting the Germans with the surrender conditions under which they may end the war. Until today it had been assumed that the terms would be sent to Berlin, thru diplomatic channels because the appeal for an armistice came that way.

50 years ago: 1968

The tumultuous 1968 presidential campaign neared its end Monday with Democrat Hubert H. Humphrey buoyed by a new poll placing him in the lead and Republican Richard M. Nixon predicting victory for himself by three to five million votes.

25 years ago: 1993

Auburn city attorney Curt Webber concluded this week that an anti-nepotism law in the city’s charter doesn’t apply to the School Department. leaving acting Superintendent Barbara Eretzian eligible to accept the position of permanent school chief if selected by the school committee.

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