Devin Harrington of Gray graduated from Livermore Falls High School in 2008. He considered being a zoologist when he was young, but changed his mind to pursue art. He graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2015.
He has worked as a model artist for Hasbro — where he hand painted toys for commercials and reproductions — and worked as a graphic designer for Whole Foods, before getting a job and a new focus for his artistic skills at Hebron Academy.
“Both Hasbro and Whole Foods were in Rhode Island, and being in Maine is very important to me. So finding the Hebron Academy job was perfect,” the 28-year-old said. 
His work can be seen at
Job title: Graphic designer and digital media specialist for Hebron Academy
What type of art do you do? I do illustrative art. I enjoy telling stories packed with subtle details and symbology that can be funny, dark, touching, etc. Most of what I create lately is digital. I use a tablet and stylus to paint digitally in Photoshop. It emulates physical paint while offering me fun and unique ways to manipulate it beyond traditional constraints. I still do traditional painting from time to time, but it is just more expensive and less conducive to an impromptu urge to create. 
Did you always know you would be an artist? When I was younger, I wanted to be a zoologist actually. I thought that the art I love to do would be tough to do professionally. I love animals, so it seemed most logical. In a situation revolving around adolescent neglect, I accidentally let a bunch of fish die in a fish tank, which traumatized me enough to push me away from being a zoologist. (Rest in peace Rambo!)
Is your talent natural or learned? Learned! If someone compliments me in a way that insists on my talent being something I was born with, I of course thank them, but deep down I want to be able to explain that it’s just from practicing since I could first hold a crayon in my hand. I started scribbling before I could walk, so if you started scribbling in kindergarten I already have four years of drawing experience on you. For this I need to thank my parents that put that crayon in my hand.  
Do your art skills transfer to your job? Yes! I’m lucky enough to have been working in jobs that are based on my artistic skill and creative problem solving. 
What art pieces are you most proud of?  I graduated college about three years ago and as a thank-you for their support I made my parents a giant acrylic painting of a moody Googins Island in Wolfe’s Neck State Park, Freeport.

Devin Harrington, 28, of Gray is a graphic designer and digital media specialist for Hebron Academy in Hebron. (Submitted Photo)

This is “Eyes soft as a swamp,” a 22-inch-by-22-inch digital painting done by Devin Harrington of Gray. (Submitted Photo) 

Devin Harrington of Gray painted his parents a 36-inch-by-24-inch acrylic painting of a moody Googins Island in Wolfe’s Neck State Park in Freeport. (Submitted photo)

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