America has become known as a country of fragmented fear, anxiety and hatred. I don’t understand the thoughts of citizens who have become part of a movement that seems outrageously centered on thoughts that “other people” are a threat to themselves and their way of life. Everything is the fault of someone else and we, as individuals, are blameless. It seems those folks have been led in that direction by the political party they adhere to — a party that decries fraud and deception while practicing it in the secrecy of back rooms.

America was built by blue-collar people working to better the lives of their families. It was built by immigrants who came to this country to escape problems in the country of their origin, where rulers took what they wanted and subjugated poor people.

The president has brought into the White House a complete lack of manners and civility, encouraging his followers to violence and lack of courtesy. His followers seem happy with a reputation as being low-class, uneducated and spiteful. If it is possible to solve their problems by intimidation and bullying, that’s deemed as better than civilized discourse and cooperation.

That isn’t what the Founding Fathers and Americans valued for years. That is not what earned the admiration of the rest of the world. America is not great because it can shove others into a corner and force them to give in to power and bravado. America is not master to a world of slaves.

Andrew Tasker, Lewiston

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