DEAR SUN SPOTS: I read with interest your inquiry regarding the use of the Irish language in this country. I am a 5th generation Irish-American on both sides of my family, so I have no personal experience with use of the Irish language, but do have a couple suggestions that might be of help in Dr. Dillon’s research.

He may want to contact Michael Connolly, Ph.D., professor of history, at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish. Dr. Connolly has extensively researched, written and lectured about the Irish experience in Maine. He edited an excellent compilation of essays entitled “They Change Their Sky: The Irish in Maine.” Contained in the anthology is an essay entitled, “The Language That the Strangers Do Not Know: The Galway Gaeltacht of Portland, Maine in the Twentieth Century.” I’m sure he would be able to help. He can be reached at I would also suggest contacting the Maine Irish Heritage Center in Portland. (;

I hope these suggestions help in this very interesting research endeavor. Best of luck.

— Patricia, Cape Neddick

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was born and raised in Connemara, and am an Irish speaker. I have lived in Lewiston for the past 45 years, and belong to the Irish Heritage Center in Portland. I have lots of stories, but am not sure what sort of stories Dr. Dillon is interested in hearing. For example, I am often called upon to open events by praying in Irish at the center, and in the Legislature for St. Patrick’s Day. My Irish family name is Connolly.

— Margaret, Lewiston


ANSWER: I am beyond thrilled that readers are responding to Dr. Seamus Dillon’s request to get information about the past and present usage of the Irish language in America (Dec. 3 Sun Spots). Please send stories and information to Please make sure to include your name, location and the place to which the information refers. Please also copy Sun Spots in your correspondence so we can keep the stories flowing. What a grand opportunity to be part of an important historical research project!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have an HP 7520 printer with some new ink cartridges. It has developed a printer head problem we have not been able to resolve. Is there someone who would like to fix and use it? Our preference would be to give it to a nonprofit organization. We’d like to keep it from being put in the trash. Please call 207-998-2767.

— Stan, Poland

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My treadmill needs repair and I was wondering if there is a local person who will come to the house and fix it. I read your column every single day and love how you help everyone! Thank you.

— Mary, Greene

ANSWER: If you are the least bit handy, you can look at a few YouTube videos for the particular make and model and possibly repair it yourself. Another idea is to call Play It Again Sports in Auburn at 207-777-7427. They may know of someone to help you out.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have some old Fairpoint phone books for Roger in Auburn (Oct. 30 Sun Spots). He can call me at 207-933-9019.

— Maxine, North Monmouth

ANSWER: Roger, if you read this, please let us know if you have found your phone books!

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