Spartan Invitational

at Sanford


Team Scores: 1. Danbury 243 2. Timberlane 217.5 3. Cumberland 169 4. Xavier 152 5. Marshwood 123 6. Wells 117 7. Camden Hills 106 8. Timberlane B 87 9. N. Providence 79 10. York 75 11. Massabesic 71 12. Sanford 63 13. Portland 61.5 14. Mt. Valley 60.5 15. Scarborough 41 16. Biddeford 40 17. Belfast 39 18. Abbot Tech 36 19. Bonny Eagle 33 20. Noble 16 21. N. Providence B 6 22. Sacopee Valley 4 23. Mount Saint Charles 3 24. Mt. Valley B 1

Championship Finals

106—Michael Rapuano (Xavier) def. Kai O’Dell (Danbury) 10-6


113—Nick Roeger (Timberlane) def. Liam Knight (Danbury) Pin at 0:52

120—Tyler Johnson (Danbury) def. Sean Moriarty (Marshwood) Pin at 1:02

126—Ryan Jack (Danbury) def. Cody Wild (Timberlane) Pin at 1:32

132—Connor McGonagle (Timberlane) def. Kyle Fields (Danbury) Major Dec. 12-0

138—Nick Pallaria (Timberlane) def. Brent Seavey (Timberlane B) Pin at 3:47

145—James Lunt (Xavier) def. Aidan Faria (Cumberland) 7-2


152—David Spinney (Marshwood) def. Matthew Pooler (Massabesic) 5-2

160—Zachary Elowitch (Portland) def. Noah Hernadez (Massabesic) 6-1

170—Nathan Curtis (Wells) def. Jesse Patton (Danbury) Pin at 5:47

182—Isaac Plante (Sanford) def. Jonah Potter (Wells) 12-5

195—Kaream Sangare (Cumberland) def. Montez Osbey (Danbury) Pin at 3:03

220—Sol Demers (Sanford) def. Chris Lund (Timberlane) Pin at 3:30


285—Reuben Hancock (Cumberland) def. Addison Boisvert (Scarborough) 3-1

Consolation Finals

106—Jake Defonce (Abbot Tech) def. Konrad Parker (Timberlane) 9-3

113—Johnny Cerquiera (Abbot Tech) def. Devon Hutcheson (Camden Hills) Pin at 1:27

120—John Leavitt (Timberlane) def. Timmy Smith (Belfast) Pin at 1:32

126—Carsen Goodwin (Marshwood) def. Travis Foster (Wells) Pin at 3:54


132—Grant Barber (Xavier) def. Aydin Rix-McElhinney (Marshwood) Pin at 2:08

138—Josiah Garcia (Biddeford) def. Quinn Moynihan (Xavier) 5-2

145—Noah Lang (Camden Hills) def. Antonio Pallaria (Timberlane) Major Dec. 11-1

152—Anthony Mazza (Mt. Valley) def. Anthony Rousseau (Timberlane B) 8-6 (OT)

160—Tyler Shaw (Cumberland) def. Luke Tischio (Xavier) 5-3

170—Cooper Kelly (Timberlane B) def. Jason Brengolini (York) 14-10


182—Dylan Strong (Marshwood) def. James Cline (Massabesic) Pin at 2:21

195—Morgan Welch-Thompson (Wells) def. Darin Buono (Mt. Valley) 2-1

220—DJ Donovan (Danbury) def. Phil Coppolino (Cumberland) Win by Inj Def

285—Jordan Agosto (Danbury) def. Tommy Hunt (N. Providence) Pin at 2:20

Fifth- and Sixth-place Finals

106—Eric Andrews (Camden Hills) def. Cody Bryant (N. Providence) Pin at 0:29


113—Colin Loria (Xavier) def. Danny Marquis (Wells) 6-5

120—Jake Rousseau (Timberlane B) def. Josh Saucier (Camden Hills) 11-9

126—Dominick Passanante (Cumberland) def. Colby Frost (Bonny Eagle) Win by DSQ

132 —Dawson Allen (Camden Hills) def. Quintan Salisbury (Cumberland) Pin at 4:24

138—Alex Rachoskie (Noble) def. Ian Ford (N. Providence) 12-9

145—Ben Leblanc (Danbury) def. Chris Matarese (N. Providence) 5-2


152—Elijah Holbook (Scarborough) def. Andrew Kelly (Camden Hills) 5-4

160—Tyrell Jones (Danbury) def. Joe Friel (Timberlane) Pin at 4:10

170—Andrew Thomas (Bonny Eagle) def. Brandon Young (Timberlane) 9-2

182—Will Orso (York) def. Jacob Mastalerz (Cumberland) 9-7

195—Malcolm Gartland (Portland) def. Nate Davis (York) Pin at 4:38

220—Austin Niles (York) def. Cam Watts (Belfast) Pin at 1:58

285—Jameel Salami (Xavier) def. Marcos Colon (Timberlane) Pin at 3:23

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