According to the New York Times, the FBI opened an inquiry into whether President Donald Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia. That was in 2017, shortly after the president fired James Comey.

In a direct response to a question from MSNBC’s Kristen Welker, Trump denied having worked for Russian interests. That comes from a man who, according to The Washington Post, has either lied or made misleading claims 7,645 times since taking office.

If Robert Mueller’s investigation clears Trump of any misdeeds, his report should be made public to all Americans. Would Trump still call the probe a witch hunt?

If, however, the special prosecutor finds that Trump was an unwitting Putin pawn, it would reinforce the perception that the president is unfit for office.

In a worst-case scenario — if Trump is proven to be a Kremlin mole — he ought to be tried for treason. Again, Mueller’s report should be made public.

The president has proudly shut down the government because Democrats won’t pay for a border wall. There is a word for forcing people to work without pay; it is called slavery.

If that is making America “great again,” this entire nation is in dire straits.

Gerard Decoteau, Lewiston

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