Oxford Hills 45 Mattanawcook Academy 24

106: Deagan Tidswell (MA) def Cesar Motelango (OH) pin 1:02
113: Jackson Sutherland (MA) def Jarred Bellemare (OH) pin :33
120: Jayda Stevens (OH) def Marina Theriault (MA) 14-10
126: Clyde Carr (MA) def Jozie Smith (OH) pin 1:27
132: Jaden David (OH) def Travis Mustero (MA) pin 2:47
138: Riley Smith (OH0 by forfeit
145: Cameron Strout (OH) def Josh Hesseltine (MA) pin 1:04
152: Dillon Worster (OH) by forfeit
160: Frankie Wells (OH) def Pacey Clark (MA) pin :15
170: double forfeit
182: Cole Dunham (OH) by forfeit
195: Alex Munson (MA) def Travis May (OH) pin 4:39
220: Jeffrey Worster (OH) def Dakota Page pin :54
285: double forfeit

Oxford Hills 42, Medomak Valley 39
106: Cesar Montelongo (OH) by forfeit
113: Gavin Readinger (MV) def Jarred Bellemare (OH) 13-10
120: Josh McDougall (MV) def Jayda Stevens(OH) pin :34
126: Marshall Sawyer (MV) def Jozie Smith (OH) pin 1:13
132: Jaden David (OH) def Brody Carter (OH) pin :35
145: Cameron Strout (OH) def Zeke Hesseltine (MV) 1:20
152: Dillon Worster (OH) def Nolan Grubb (MV) pin :30
160: Elias Miller (MV) def Frankie Wells (OH) pin 1:19
170: Amos Hinckley (MV) def Bristol Leahy (OH) pin 1:01
182: Cole Dunham (OH) def Wyatt Rhodes (MV) pin :38
195: Jackob Gess (MV) def Travis May (OH) pin 2:19
220: Jeffrey Worster (OH) def Aidan Hamar (MV) pin :37
285:Erik Benner (MV) by forfeit

Oxford Hills 45, Dexter 30
106: Cesar Montelongo (OH) by forfeit
113: Jarred Bellemare (OH) def Aliviah Anderson (D) pin :45
120: Jayda Stevens (OH) def Molly Bennett (D) pin 1:19
126: Jozie Smith (OH) by forfeit
132: Jaden David (OH) def Caleb Weeks (D) pin 2:56
138: Justin Wing (D) def Riley Smith (OH) pin 2:28
145: Nathan Schobel (D) def Cameron Strout (OH) 2-1
152: Gage Stone (D) def Dillon Worster (OH) 11-8
160: Isaiah Hesseltine (D) def Frankie Wells (OH) pin 1:45
170: Gus Irwin (D) def Bristol Leahy (OH) pin 2:43
182: Cole Dunham (OH) def Trent Scott (D) pin :31
195: Travis May (OH) def Anthony Woods (D) 8-4
220: Jeffrey Worster (OH) def Erick Bennett (D) pin :49
285: Nick Toland (D) by forfeit

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