Todd Finn grew up in Milford, Mass., one of 10 children. His father was a mailman, his mother was a nurse.

“I’m the seventh one,” he said last month when he met with Lewiston High School students. He shared that his parents named all 10 children with a name that started with T: Tom, Tim, Tracey, Terry, Ted, Tara, Tammy, Todd, Travis and Troy. “We had to learn to work together and share.”

After high school he joined the U.S. Army in 1989 and became a paratrooper. Jumping out of planes that land safely “does not make me a smart man,” Finn joked with Lewiston students last month. “I jumped out of 113 different aircrafts.” He started college after serving in the military.

When Finn was in the military, he visited his brother and family who lived in Lewiston. “We had a great Christmas,” he said. His brother, Tom, 33, a husband and father of three, died in 1995 from leukemia. Tom Finn is buried in Lewiston.

Finn and his wife, Dani, are excited about living in a city with a diverse population. When visiting Lewiston in December, they walked onto a field and met some of the Lewiston High School soccer champions. The couple has two cats and three dogs, “who you will see around town,” he said.


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