Republicans complain that Democrats have refused to work cooperatively with them to give President Trump what he wants on the border wall. Mitch McConnell stood on the Senate floor and hypocritically said Democrats would not negotiate. Lest we forget, this is the man who, on one of the first days Barack Obama was in office, declared Republicans would do nothing to help Obama and would make him a one-term president. He proudly declared he would prevent President Obama from exercising his constitutional duty to nominate a Supreme Court justice and would prevent the Senate from doing its constitutional duty of advice and consent. He would not allow votes on numerous judicial appointments.

Republicans had the majority in both houses for two years and chose to take no action on the wall. Trump has suddenly decided to declare an emergency while stating he didn’t have to do it, but wanted it to get done faster. It appears he doesn’t know the meaning of an emergency.

Many Republicans have questioned if Trump’s action is constitutional. They have spoken out against such action in the past. They are now afraid to go against Trump, despite his abuse of power.

When a Democrat becomes president and possibly uses the same power for a true emergency, such as climate change, you can be sure they will complain about the abuse of power.

The “crisis” is manufactured, based on Trump’s lies, fear-mongering, xenophobia and his refusal to believe facts

Stanley Tetenman, Poland

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