This is in response to Ellen Field’s letter (“Republicans vs. Democrats on handling the economy,” April 17).

Her letter talks about economic growth and gross domestic product numbers under Republican vs Democrat administrations. I offer some numbers that really matter.

Under former President Trump I was paying $1.79 a gallon for gasoline. Under President Biden, at the same gas station, from the same pumps, I am now paying $3.79 a gallon.

Under Trump, No. 2 heating oil was $1.97 a gallon. Under Biden it is $3.97 a gallon.

Under Trump a trip to the grocery store, for a family of four, was about $250 a week; under Biden I am lucky if I can get out for $325 a week.

These are the numbers that matter to the working class people: What it costs me to get to work, to heat my house and to feed my family.

Democrats are blind to all else by their hatred of Trump, and it is destroying our nation. But that is what hate does, and that is what they want.

Glenn Chateauvert, Greene

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