CHESTERVILLE — At the annual town meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, March 11 at the town hall, voters will act on a budget that has different amounts recommended by the budget committee and selectmen.

The total amount recommended by the budget committee is $900,494 while the Selectmen’s proposal totals $936,172. Both amounts are increases over the 2018 approved budget of $880,532. County and school commitments are not included in those amounts.

Treasurer Erin Norton said the budget committee and Selectmen met separately on several occasions to come up with their figures.

The largest differences come under public works. The budget committee recommends raising $100,000 from taxation for equipment purchases while Selectmen favor raising $70,000 from taxation and appropriating $45,000 from surplus. Under the public works budget, committee members recommend $286,622. Selectmen are recommending an additional $2,282 for payroll, $1,300 for utilities, $4,250 for road maintenance and $1,000 for tools. Selectmen have also put $500 for training in the budget.

The Selectmen are also recommending $5,112 more for administration; $3,000 more for fire department capital reserve; $2,709 extra for the fire department and $1,000 for Chesterville Days. The budget committee proposes an additional $475 for the transfer station.

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