I write in response to the letter to the editor from Louis Talarico (March 2). He was highly critical of the Lewiston School Committee and Chairman Mark Cayer for their alleged lack of support of the Lewiston High School state championship mock trial team’s request for funding to attend the national mock trial tournament in Athens, Georgia.

As one of the attorney coaches of the mock trial team who was in attendance at the meeting, I assure the School Committee and the community that the mock trial team and its coaches do not share Talarico’s views. We were gratified by the committee’s support of our proposal, on which the committee approved $16,000 toward our $19,000 request.

That was an unbudgeted expenditure that came to the committee more than half-way into its fiscal year. All members deliberated our request carefully, in good faith and in an obvious effort to be supportive.

Nor does the committee deserve criticism because it approved $3,000 less than the team requested. Doing so challenged the team to raise the balance through fundraising. Those activities are underway and it appears that the team will be successful in raising the remainder of the necessary funds privately. The committee’s action required that the team demonstrate initiative and self-reliance. Those are important lessons for young people to learn.

The committee’s action has made it possible for the mock trial team to compete in a national tournament. That would not have been possible absent the committee’s support.

It has our thanks.

Ronald Lebel, Auburn