It recently hit me why this nation has been in such turmoil during the past three years. The man in the White House is simultaneously a puppet and puppeteer.

Is that possible? You bet.

The puppeteer side of him, that which so disturbs the normal running of this country, is his craving to control just about everyone and everything. His vile mouth is, in effect, one of the puppeteer’s strings.

Donald Trump’s primary mode of attempted domination is terribly obvious — lying. Strangely (and unfortunately) there is an imbalance between what the truth teller says and what the liar says. In sports jargon, that is a mismatch. The former’s communications are confined by facts, whereas the latter’s words are sourced from his imagination, straying from the truth as convenient.

Trump seems to genuinely revel in telling lies, as if his self-worth is enhanced by the frequency and degree of harshness. I would describe him as the world’s most prestigious liar. That so many people are critical of his fabrications does not bother him. Sad.

And some political analysts are concerned about probable candidate Joe Biden’s history of occasional gaffes? Heavens.

Norm Gellatly, Auburn