“The system is rigged” — the president’s one true utterance; though not as he meant it, but rigged to favor wealthy and powerfully connected elitists. Regarding the recent college admissions scandals — parents who “pull strings” so that their offspring might gain admittance to prestigious colleges are pertinent when considering that this rigging starts early in young person’s privileged life. Entitlement expectations become ingrained. Their ill-gotten degree might set them on a delusional career path. They might begin to believe that they are authorities in their specialty; even more dangerous — others might.

In another development, Trump has given himself, his friends, donors, banks and industries a trillion-plus dollar tax cut and now bemoans the deficit. His inept solution — increase military spending, make cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The swamp has swelled to diseased, fetid levels in this administration. I am justifiably angry in what I believe to be a wholly corrupt system.

Progressive Democrats offer what citizens need — health care, education, equality, debt relief and a voice. When they replace Republicans in government and their proposals discussed, I want real experts arguing the merits and the true economics, not partisan nonsense.

The word “socialism” will be thrown around and few will use it correctly — only their interpretation of it to create diversionary sound bites. Democrats aim for “social democracy,” which is a system of government achieved by democratic means. More rights for citizens. Words have meanings.

I want intelligent, educated, moral leaders to dictate policy.

Kathryn Begg, Auburn