MEXICO — A Garden Club is taking root at Meroby Elementary School.

The school at 21 Cross St. has received a $3,000 grant to turn the upper playground into a nature-based playground with raised beds for food and flowers. Each grade will have its own garden.

Kindergarten teacher Maggie Corlett said the goal is to get students outside to enjoy nature and learn about planting, growing and harvesting.

The idea for the Garden Club came from Principal Kim Fuller, and Corlett took it on.

The school received a $3,000 grant for the project and is fundraising as well. Corlett said the school is also seeking donations from the community, including loam, wood, garden tools, hoses, bulbs and other supplies. People can call the school at 364-3714 for more information.

Each student in grades kindergarten to five also was given a rock to decorate and sell. So far, the sales have brought in about $100.

Art teacher Brent Bachelder is also helping by selling his hand-painted prints of his original drawings at Bartash’s Gifts at 98 Congress St. in Rumford.

“We could not do this without Mr. Brent,” Corlett said. “He pushed the Garden Club, putting the energy and ideas into it!”

“We feel like what is going on here at Meroby is like a revolution — a lot of it has to do with what we’re doing here in the building and how we’re helping the community,” she said.

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