A front page Sun Journal article (April 6) indicated that Democratic Congressman Jared Golden voted with the president “9.5 percent of the time.” In contradiction, according to Portland’s Maine Sunday Telegram, his votes on the issues reported were almost fully in lock-step with liberal Democrat 1st District Congresswoman Chellie Pingree.

The article appears to reassure Republicans that their congressman is representing them well.

The Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives has a political obsession of blocking anything the president proposes, instead of working on serious problems such as the southern border illegal immigration, the nation’s crumbling infrastructure or an affordable health care plan.

Congressman Golden’s reported votes in opposition to his party’s majority are fruitless for accomplishing anything. He is far from fully representing his district’s opinions or altering the course of his Democratic majority.

Golden did not win the popular vote. He won his election only because of the ranked-choice voting system.

The article also mentions Sen. Angus King, who “never backs the president’s positions.” Sen. King is a fraud for saying he is an “independent.”

I would be ashamed to be a Democrat in this Congress, which is accomplishing nothing and spends its entire salary- and benefit-collecting time blocking plans for protecting this nation.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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