UMF’s Symposium on April 24 will be a showcase of original student research and creative work that gives students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting. (UMF image)

FARMINGTON — An academic landmark for 21 years, the annual Michael D. Wilson Symposium at University of Maine Farmington on Wednesday, April 24, will offer a campus-wide showcase of original student research and creative work.

The celebration begins at 9 a.m. at venues around campus and is free and open to the public.

“This treasured tradition never loses its excitement,” said Eric Brown, interim UMF president.

“It’s the culmination of close to a year’s worth of creative exploration and in-depth academic research by our students that raises the University’s collective intellectual well-being. I am always impressed by our students’ level of dedication to pursue new ideas and share what they’ve learned,” Brown said.

Symposium gives students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting in the form of papers, oral and poster presentations, original student readings, art gallery exhibits and performances. The day-long forum helps them gain confidence and experience speaking publicly while translating their knowledge to a broad audience.

This year’s Symposium features projects by 280 students supported by the collaboration of more than 40 faculty members. Included in the presentations are those of this year’s Michael D. Wilson Research Fellows and Scholars. This competitive, campus-wide research program provides project funding to top student scholars as they pursue the highest level of undergraduate research.

The UMF Wilson Program names student awardees twice a year, including single-semester scholars and year-long fellows. Student researchers are individually sponsored by faculty and supported at every stage of their research. These faculty mentors assist with proposal development, research methodology, project presentation and continuing follow-up on pre-professional and post-graduate opportunities.

Symposium presentations this year will touch on every UMF discipline, including the following:

• “Race, Time Travel and the Western” – Presentation by Michael Johnson, UMF professor of English and 2018-19 Trustee Professor.

• “Hair: A Graphic Novel” – By Tegan Bradley, Wilson Scholar.

• “Turn the Light(s) On: Farmington’s 100 MW Solar Farm” – By Grace DiMarco, Portia Hardy and Lily Scribner.

• “What Magma Chambers Can Do For You: A Geologic Study of the Twin Lakes Pluton, Colorado” – By Forrest Meader, Wilson Scholar.

• “Dolls with Disabilities” – By Lindsey Herzig.

• “Microbial Resistance: Standard Household Cleaners vs. Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners” – By Kyla Sturtevant and Chase Malloy.

• “From the Attic to All the Rage: A History of Genealogy in the 20th Century” – By Anthony Blasi.

•“The CMP Corridor: What’s In It For Me?” – By Kelsey Creamer and Bryanna Franklin.

• “First Generation College Student Support in Public Colleges in Maine” – by Mariah Langton, Maine Public Policy Scholar.

UMF’s Michael D. Wilson Symposium is organized by the UMF Culture Committee. A link to the full schedule of Michael D. Wilson Symposium and Arts Nights events can be found at:

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