More than 200 ceramic bowls like these were created for Mt. Blue Campus’ Empty Bowl fundraiser for the UW Pantry Project on April 26. After dining, attendees take home their empty bowls as a reminder of food insecurity in local communities. (Submitted image)

FARMINGTON — Mt. Blue High School will host a special community meal Friday, April 26, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the MBC food court. The purpose of the meal is to bring about awareness of food insecurity in our area and to use the power of the arts to make connections and give back to the community.

Students, staff and community members of all ages worked together to create over 200 ceramic bowls of differing shapes, sizes and colors. Attendees will make a donation, select a bowl, then dine on a variety of soups, rolls and desserts made by staff and Foster Tech Culinary students.

The meal is a way for the Mt. Blue Campus to give back to its 10 communities. All funds raised will be donated to fight food insecurity in our towns. Funds will be distributed through the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area’s Pantry Project. At the end of the meal, diners take home their Empty Bowl as a reminder that there are always empty bowls in our communities and the world.

The MBC community is both talented and giving. In order to create a special evening for everyone, students from its service organizations will assist at the dinner and musicians will provide live music during the meal.

Staff and community quilters have also created soup bowl cozies in a variety of colors and sizes. These beautiful cozies keep hands cool and the soup warm, and will be available for an additional donation.

Empty Bowls began in 1990 and has spread across the country and the world as a local way to raise awareness and funds to fight hunger. All money raised stays locally.

The idea to present an Empty Bowls event at Mt. Blue High School began last summer at the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative’s (MALI) summer retreat for arts teacher leaders and teaching artists. MALI is committed to the development of teacher leaders to ensure deep understanding and meaningful implementation of high quality teaching, learning, and assessment in the arts.

Throughout the course of this year, administration, colleagues, students, and community members have enthusiastically jumped on board to make this event a reality.

Join MBC for a wonderful meal and become part of the growing number of people involved in giving back to our community. The bowl you take home was made especially for this event, to share the power of art and to help those in our communities who face food insecurity.


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