This is in response to Shirley Babb (letter, April 13).

I totally stand by my stance on Democrats. Today’s Democrats are not the Democratic Party of John Kennedy. Today’s Democrats promote open borders, gun control, hate speech and antifa (just look at all the hate they direct at the duly-elected president). They set up sanctuary cities for illegals to circumvent the law. They allow illegals to vote. They recently elected three women to Congress who don’t support the U.S. Constitution and laws.

Many Democrats believe abortion is acceptable even after a baby is viable. They repeat lies about the president every day, none of which are true. They spied on Donald Trump’s election campaign — unheard of in a free country. They lost the last election and can’t get beyond it.

The Democratic Party has become the Democratic socialist party, and that is the truth.

Socialism has found a home at the nation’s universities. Students protest and demean any conservative speaker.

I have no love or respect for today’s Democrats. They have become the enemy to this great country. They are tearing this country apart by creating previously unknown problems, such as racism and pitting the poor against the rich. They claim love of country is a bad thing.

Nationalism is love of country and pride in the Constitution, ergo, I am a nationalist who just happens to be white.

I do not like today’s socialist Democrats.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford