After a winter of bad weather, I finally made it to an SAD 9 School Board meeting recently. I immediately asked the board chairperson about the hearing aids. Under the guidance of Tom Ward, hearing aids were available at all board meetings for the hearing impaired, which I am.

The chairman told me they were not available as there were no microphones set up.

That has been the story since the new superintendent took office.

Those hearing aids were purchased, I assume, with taxpayer funds so that all citizens could take part in meetings. I cannot hear much of a thing without them.

Why are they not made available? My disability is as valid as any other. Since the aids are available, why are they not used?

Why were the microphones not available?

I demand an answer to why the hearing aids are not being utilized. I have heard from at least one other Farmington resident, who said  that is why she does not attend meetings.

The situation is wrong. We have the technology, let’s use it.

Charlotte Bogue, Farmington