Three members of my household voted for Janet Mills in anticipation that she would protect the dwindling semi-wilderness of Maine. Her support of a hydro-electric transmission line, consisting of cutting a swath through precious, irreplaceable, semi-wilderness — like a dagger through the heart of Maine — is disappointing.

Unfortunately, using Maine as a doormat will result in an enormous, ugly clear-cut.

As a former woodsman and ranger, I am acutely aware that clear-cuts lead to more killing of wildlife through trapping and hunting; more trails for ATVs and snowmobiles that shatter tranquility and displace wildlife; the possibility of more turbines; less lumbering jobs; and a loss of habitat for many creatures great and small.

However, the project will result in cleaner air for Maine, Massachusetts, Canada and elsewhere. Moreover, it makes the twin scabs of turbines and solar panels obsolete.

Mainers, especially Gov. Mills, should support the transmission line project only if the construction of turbines and solar panels is halted. In addition, those that are in operation should be dismantled within 10 years.

Unnecessary commercialization that is turning Maine into a mirror of states south should be lessened.

Like former Gov. Paul LePage, Gov. Mills is open for business, but I believe her motive is pure.

Frank Hutchinson, Carthage