The media are acting like the sky is falling because of the trade war going on with China. There is a lot of stuff the U.S. imports that people really don’t need — it just overflows the nation’s landfills. People in this country are not going to starve to death — we grow plenty of food to feed ourselves. So, wait a few months to buy big ticket items; it won’t put us back to the stone age.
China has been involved in industrial spying and unfair trade practices for decades. All the panic I am hearing about should be a wake-up call about the danger of limiting the country’s markets. Even if companies lose a few dollars in profits, they should be broadening their markets to all countries so that disputes with a single country can’t do much harm.
It is a great time to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. With the massive influx of immigrants and the current job market threatened by robotics, that would give people places to work.
Instead of panicking, people should wait and see how things shake out.
Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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