I enthusiastically support funding and building the proposed new Edward Little High School.

The current school is old and increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. The planned new school is future-looking and extremely well thought out. It will serve not just our students and teachers but our entire community for the next several generations.

To those worried about the price, I suggest thinking of the excellent and long-term value we get, not just the cost. As a community, we owe it to our children and grandchildren to provide them the best start possible. Education, police and fire protection are the three key community services we need to support. Skimping on education is a false economy.

Attracting both businesses and professionals to our community is easier with modern and fully equipped schools. The reputation of Auburn’s educational system was part of what drew me here in 1977 and was always one of the top concerns raised when recruiting physicians for our practice or for CMMC.

Based on what other communities have experienced, the 1,200 seat auditorium will serve both the students and our community well, both culturally and financially.

I have followed this project from the beginning, attended the public meetings, asked tough questions and gotten good answers.

Early voting is easy. I voted “yes” on both questions and I urge all Auburn citizens to get their ballot at City Hall and join me in supporting education for our community.

Peter Elias, Auburn

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