This is in response to Patricia Fogg’s letter (May 8) and Mike LeBlanc’s response to her (May 15).

Thomas Jefferson said it best and was 100% correct when he said “Democracy is nothing more than gang rule.” That is why they set up the greatest form of government — a constitutional republic. That form of government says that a law cannot be passed that violates the founding principles of the nation — the Constitution. No one party should be able to fundamentally change the government because they have a simple majority.

Fogg said she “… will fight for a democratic way of life,” so the first thing she will need to do is eliminate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Which is exactly what the Democrats are doing here in Maine while they control all both houses of the Legislature and the governorship. The Founding Fathers set up a checks and balances system to ensure that everyone’s voice was heard. That is why there are three separate and equal branches of government — so that they can watch over each other to ensure integrity and honesty.

But now those powers are being used as a political weapon against the president.

I applaud Fogg for wanting to fight to save this country. I only hope and pray that she does so to preserve this nation as the founders envisioned it, not as what the Democrats want to make it.

Glenn Chateauvert, Greene

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