I write to voice my support for LD 1491, Maine Earned Income Tax Credit, a bill that is currently being considered by the state Legislature. I support the proposed EITC because I know that the whole state benefits when working people are able to make ends meet. I also believe that all forms of labor should be valued and rewarded fairly. By making low-income students and family caregivers eligible for the EITC, we recognize that the work they do is essential to the Maine economy.

I am a full-time college student and I often struggle to balance the time commitment required by my studies and the need to make money. In addition to a full course load, each semester I have also held two or three part-time jobs to help cover the cost of tuition and minimize my student loans.

The proposed EITC would recognize my studies as a valid form of work to improve my employability and enhance Maine’s workforce. Under the proposed EITC, students such as myself would be eligible for a minimum tax credit equal to half of the maximum benefit. This money would help me cover the cost of tuition and mitigate my student loans.

At its root, this bill is about fairness. All working people, including students and caregivers, should be able to pay their bills. For these reasons I support the proposed EITC.

Erin Hazlett-Norman, Lewiston

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