Michele Brya, site manager for Grand Rounds, in the lobby of the facility at Bates Mill No. 6 in Lewiston. The company plans to double its local staffing and move to a bigger mill building in the same complex. Sun Journal photo by Russ Dillingham


LEWISTON — After several years of rapid growth, Grand Rounds announced Tuesday it expects to add 100 jobs and double its workforce here by the end of the year.

When the San Francisco-based health care company announced it would open an East Coast office in Lewiston in August 2016, its services covered more than 2 million workers.

It is now up to more than 4.5 million

“Health care has grown so complex in this country today,” said Danielle Snow, senior vice president of patient care, who oversees local operations. “When you have somebody that’s advocating on your behalf and you can get the care you need, that’s a big deal and employers recognize that.”

Grand Rounds works with large companies to help employees navigate health care questions and match with doctors based on their needs.


Snow is a Lewiston native who highlighted the city when the company was looking to expand. She said its 120 clients include Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Dead River and the government of the state of Maine.

Bates Mill No. 6 in Lewiston, where Grand Rounds is now located. Sun Journal photo by Russ Dillingham

“They recognize that healthy employees are productive employees,” she said. “Getting people the high quality of care they need faster means savings for them as well.”

Grand Rounds has offices at Bates Mill No. 6, but will need more space to grow from 100 workers to 200 by the end of 2019.

“We do love being part of the Bates Mill complex,” she said, so the company is “actively exploring what our options within the complex are.”

It is looking to hire more care coordinators, records specialists and clinical staff, such as nurses and nurse practitioners, for two daytime shifts.

Ideally, candidates will have a health care background and bachelor’s degree, but work experience can be factored in, Snow said.


She is hoping Grand Rounds’ workplace culture and benefits help it stand out in the tight job market.

There’s a kitchen stocked with snacks, a group of employees regularly get together at lunch to play games and there is a weekly open-door Q&A with site leader Meryl Fogg.

“We call it ‘Munchkins with Meryl,'” Snow said.

Spokeswoman Robin Suchan said starting salaries “are higher than what is considered market rate for the industry and location.”

“Grand Rounds’ health care benefits are well above market,” she said.

Founded in 2011, Grand Rounds is headquartered in San Francisco and has another office in Reno, Nevada.


Grand Rounds is planning to move into the third floor, just above Baxter Brewing Co., at Bates Mill No. 1 in Lewiston. Sun Journal photo by Russ Dillingham

Lewiston has worked out great for the company, Snow said, and even inspired three San Francisco employees to relocate.

There’s a sense of community and knowing your neighbor.

“Grand Rounds is really thrilled to be part of that,” Snow said.

Lincoln Jeffers, Lewiston’s director of economic and community development, called the company a first-rate employer.

“The city is excited to see the growth in the number of companies and people using Grand Rounds be reflected in significant expansion and job growth in Lewiston at the Bates Mill complex,” he said.

“With health care accounting for 20% of employment in Lewiston, they have found a quality workforce that is knowledgeable and able.”

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