When reading the article in the Sun Journal (June 1) advertising Monica Wood’s play, “Papermaker,” I recalled my 32 years in the Rumford paper mill and the good of the labor unions.

I recalled the struggle of the unions against management in Rumford for the essential human dignity of the paper mill worker.

I recall the difficulties as the unions worked as years passed and slowly achieved better wages, medical benefits, retirement benefits and better safety.

I recall how the increased wages the labor unions achieved increased spending in Rumford area businesses and sent many children to college.

I recall that although safer working conditions were accomplished over time, that direction was resisted in many ways by management. That never made sense.

I sincerely thank union presidents, past and present, negotiating teams, shop stewards and officers for their dedicated and often difficult journey with management, which gave me and so many other millworkers a better life and made Rumford a better and wealthier community.

Now 83 years old, 25 years retired and nearing the end of my life, I have not forgotten. I am a proud paper mill worker and a proud labor union member.

Tom Fallon, Rumford

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