The Maine Legislature is considering a bill that would establish an expanded earned income tax credit. The EITC is very important, especially to the hard working Mainers who would benefit from it. If put into effect, EITC would allow low to moderate income working families keep more of what they earn at work in order to meet their basic needs. These workers are already self-sufficient. The state of Maine just needs to let them keep that hard-earned money in order to maintain and advance their households.

Possibly the biggest beneficiary of the EITC is the state, because independent families with more income do not need to rely as much on administratively costly state programs. Those state programs could become more efficient and focus on those people in crisis.

Currently, Maine’s EITC is among the smallest in the nation. That fact only worsens the growing wage gap for people with low incomes and contributes to a tax code that benefits the wealthy and powerful most. I know that for young families such as my own, it would be a relief to know that the many hours my spouse and I work are going toward the rising cost of living, bettering ourselves through education and investing in our community.

Annette Macaluso, Lewiston

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