The proposed CMP corridor is a bad deal for the people of Maine, for many reasons. To begin with, there is no proof that the project would lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The dam reservoirs in Quebec emit carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere and rotting vegetation has caused a buildup of methyl mercury in the water. HydroQuebec will not even guarantee that the power it transmits through this proposed line will really be hydropower; it could be generated by other means, including burning fossil fuels.

CMP admits that the project could make it more difficult for local renewable energy projects to transmit their power. In addition, the corridor will lead to the permanent fragmentation of the largest contiguous forest in the Eastern U.S., which is home to 139 significant rare plant and animal species. Many of these species rely on uninterrupted habitat for their survival.

The corridor will need to be kept clear by the use of toxic herbicides such as glyphosate, which will pollute soil, streams and groundwater.

The corridor would be a definite fire hazard.

Mainers are being asked to allow all those bad things to happen while the corridor would be built to generate profits for a foreign-owned corporation. It is not designed to improve power delivery in Maine.

The project should be required to follow the same rules as any other for-profit business and not be allowed to override public opinion.

Jean Stewart and Henry Washburn, New Sharon

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