I don’t believe the claims coming from Central Maine Power about the proposed transmission line across Maine. I refer to a recent Associated Press report (based on Sun Journal reporting) that CMP sent out mailers to households in Maine claiming two very different numbers of jobs that would be created by CMP’s deeply unpopular corridor. Months ago, CMP said 3,500 jobs; more recently, 1,600 jobs. I don’t believe either number. Further, I believe that many of the temporary jobs that would be available would go to people from outside this state. Then there is the problem that the corridor could destroy permanent logging and tourism jobs in Maine.

Then, in a situation only the best satirists could have contemplated, in the same AP article about the shrinking job claims, CMP claimed that the smaller job number would reflect jobs available after project construction is mostly completed. Logic dictates that there is no way the project could sustain 1,600 jobs, as CMP claimed, and the AP article furthers those shady job claims.

At this time, I don’t trust CMP to do anything, much less build a huge corridor through some of the most pristine places in Maine. CMP needs to clean up its act before asking for anything else from the public.

Linda Flagg, Jay

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