The plan is for a utility in Quebec to create electricity from water power and for Maine, i.e., Central Maine Power, to move that power to Massachusetts, providing residents there with much needed “clean” energy.

The Quebec company should make money; CMP should make money; and folks in Massachusetts will pay their electric bills, in part, to CMP and Quebec. A perfect example of both capitalism and free enterprise at its best.

In addition, towns which the transmission lines pass through will each receive a significant yearly payment to be applied as a property tax. Other benefits with cash value will be paid to assist college students with tuition expenses.

The majority of the transmission line will utilize an already existing corridor, while about 45 miles from the Canadian border to the Forks will have to be “created.” That will necessitate clearing an opening through the woods about 150 to 200 feet wide — hardly enough to “totally” destroy our wilderness.

So, what is all the fuss about, and who is pouring all the money into the campaign to defeat the project?

Not me, and I live in Farmington.

Edmund Lewis, Farmington

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