To the Editor:

We’re working on a crucial need to get our Reps to support LD 1520. I believe that the promotion of the cooperative business model is a way for our community to create a more resilient economy together. Many business owners are “aging out” or wanting to move on, in Maine and they need a way to transition what they have built with so much love and energy to the next generation.

For example, Longleys could have become a co-op. Looking forward, Café Nomad, 100 Aker Wood, The Tribune, Fiber & Vine, TruStrength, Norway Savings Bank, Art Moves, the UU Church, Garbo+Kane Solar, Alan Day Community Garden, or even Norway Brewing could eventually become co-ops and potentially have a longer and even more resilient life after we’re all gone, leaving our community strong and abundant.

LD 1520 will help to promote the idea of co-ops around the state and could make a vision like the above easier to achieve.

If this makes sense to you, please take 20 minutes to write a quick letter to your representatives and/or write a letter to the editor.

Quick: If you write a quick letter right, right now, and send it back to me, Katie and I will make sure that it gets to your Rep (state your town) or the newspaper in your name.

And if you have enough time, please do it yourself:

Zizi Vlaun


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