To the Editor:

For many weeks now, Don Chase has been writing weekly attacking President Trump with many allegations that have been proven to be false (Ex: in his letter in the May 30 issue he states: “After becoming president of the United States via Russia’s assistance …”). We all now know that after two years of exhaustive investigation, that statement by Mr. Chase is totally untrue or as it is now known as “fake news” and Mr. Chase knows it’s fake news, too.

So why the constant attacks on a man who had made many campaign promises and is on his way to actually fulfilling many of those promises despite the endless obstacles thrown in his way by the Democrats and the Trump-haters in his own party? I can only think that Mr. Chase is still carrying a chip on his shoulder and still can’t admit that Trump is our president.

If Mr. Chase wants to attack someone, he should start with Hillary Clinton and her husband. They came into the White House dirt poor from Arkansas and through deals made when Hillary was Secretary of State are now multi-millionaires. Of course, that would mean that Don Chase would have to admit that the Clintons were actually the ones colluding with the Russians and that because of their many actions are actually felons and possibly even may be traitors.

So perhaps his next letter may be more truthful than his past letters if he focuses on the most devious couple in politics, the Clintons.

Thanks for listening.

Carmine Castaldo

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